Brick House Corona Larga

Brick House cigars are produced by J.C. Newman; they are a Nicaraguan re-creation of an old Cuban cigar brand.

The Stats

  • Size … 6.25 x 46, Robusto
  • Wrapper … Havana Subido
  • Binder … Nicaraguan
  • Filler … Nicaraguan
  • Body … Medium to Full
  • Price Point … $7

The Vendor’s Claim

  • “The full draw of this cigar delivers copious amounts of smoke. Flavors are tea-like and tangy with cherry notes lingering on the finish. Body: Medium to Full.”

The Experience

  • Appearance & Aroma … This cigar looked like something that should be lodged betwixt the lips of Hannibal Smith — a man’s cigar, with a medium-dark wrapper. Initial aroma was favorable, with a slightly earthy scent that promised a flavorful smoke. 8/10
  • Lighting, Burning & Ash … The Brick House was easy to light with a standard three-jet butane torch. The cigar burned evenly but did go out once mid-stick despite being carefully tended, and it produced more smoke than an average cigar. The ash was ugly and flaky but was nevertheless compact enough to remain on the cigar until removed. 7/10
  • Consistency & Draw … The smoking experience remained solid through the first three-fourths of the cigar. No acridity was noted until the final 2 inches. The peppery spice of the smoke increased noticeably, the deeper the draw. 9/10.
  • Maintenance … The cigar went out once, and several times I had to give it several puffs to keep it going — despite smoking it at a decent speed and in optimal environmental conditions. 5/10
  • Flavor … For being billed as a medium-to-full stick, the Brick House provided a solid but not harsh smoking experience that was more robust than some other full-flavored cigars I’ve sampled. Earthy overtones permeated the smoke, with hints of pepper and and apricot. There was definitely a bite to the smoke, but not so much that it was unpleasant. 8/10

The Reflection

  • I saw that Cigar Aficionado had given this particular cigar scores of 88 and 89, and Cigar Spy seemed to like it. The Nicaraguan puro tobacco revealed its presence with an uncharacteristically high nicotine content; smokers who aren’t as comfortable with nicotine may wish to enjoy this cigar with a nice glass of tawny port to help keep their blood-sugar levels better regulated. Overall, despite favoring the mild blends, I was not displeased with the Brick House.

The VLO Satisfaction Index

  • This cigar scores a 74 percent satisfaction rating. Although it wasn’t the most enjoyable smoke I’ve ever experienced, I would smoke another, and I would recommend the Brick House to any smoker who enjoys the fuller-flavored end of the spectrum.

Reviewed by Jason Gillikin.

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