Davidoff 2000

The Vendors Claim:

“This classic Corona format was launched by Zino Davidoff in 1978, together with the other four sizes in the “Mille” series. The highly appreciated Davidoff 2000 is among the best-loved shapes for cigars throughout the world. With a flavour of medium strength, its aroma is mild and delicate. In terms of flavour, the Davidoff 2000 falls between the marked, robust aroma of the cigars in the “Grand Cru” series and the delicate, mild ones of the “Classic” series.” Davidoff.com

The Stats

format: Corona
length: 12,9 cm / 5″
diameter: 1,7 cm
ring gauge: 43
wrapper: Connecticut Shade
filler/biner: Dominican Republic

The Experience

Initial Impression … I picked up this cigar as it was my first experience with the Davidoff brand, many years ago. It had been a while since I had experienced it’s mild, tasty flavor so I decided it was time to reacquaint myself to the 2000.

Appearance … It is a great length, however, I noticed that its ring gauge was smaller than I remembered it, and I must say that’s not a good thing. I have a feeling there is a direct correlation between the size of a cigar’s ring gauge and how well it maintains its light. I will get into that more later. The problem with having such a small ring gauge is it leaves little to clip off the head of the cigar. I found that I had to remove the whole curved head of the cigar, which leads to a straight-flat head and mainlined nicotine. I prefer the head of my cigar to maintain a somewhat bit of curvature to it. Merely stylistic preference is all. I also noticed that it was a veiny leafed wrapper. Again, nothing wrong with that, but be cautious that if it beings to dry out, when you do smoke it, you could potentially get splitting along the veins leading to a cigar coming apart on you as you smoke it.

Lighting/Burning/Ash … I lit, perfect light! I take my first real puff and found it to draw too lightly for my preference. I like to feel a little bit of a pull from the foot of my cigar when I draw in on it, this was somewhat like my experience smoking the Special R, like puffing on a paper towel roll–but not AS bad a the Special R.

Consistency & Draw … The initial few puffs left a harsh, somewhat acidic, taste on the palate. I use a butane torch, so I’m not so concerned that it’s my lighter, but it subsided after a few more puffs so I wasn’t concerned. As a matter of fact, I was very pleased with my smoke until I got to the middle of it, only for it to go out on me. The first one-half of this smoke was excellent. It was mild as I remember it being, no negative effects causing me to feel light-headed or nauseous. One of the main reasons for my love of Davidoff is because they are a consistently mild flavored cigar, which means any newbie to the cigar world would do well to start off with this brand.

Maintenance & Flavor … The problem however was that once it went out, its relight flavor changed. Some people swear that if a cigar goes out, they won’t relight the bugger…I’m not one of them. However, for those in that camp, I can understand now why they might not. I was able to keep it lit, but not well and, subsequently, it went out again.

Reflection & Rating

I was disappointed that I was only able to smoke three-quarters of this fine cigar. From a flavor standpoint, I could have easily smoked it down to a nub, a rarity with most cigars as they come very hot and acidic that close to your mouth. But I smoke cigars to enjoy my quiet, relaxed time–not to coddle a high maintenance smoke. This is the second time out of the past three Davidoffs where I had to throw in the towel well before the cigar was finished. Again, as alluded to earlier, I have to wonder if its ring gauge might play a factor. I’m skeptical as the Macanudo Cafe style smokes are roughly the same ring size and I’ve not problems, but I will pay closer attention as I smoke larger gauged cigars and will report back my findings.

All in all, my rating would be a solid “B”. Had I been able to smoke it, sans its burn issue, an “A” would have been appropriate.

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