Davidoff Grand Cru

The Vendors Claim:

“The robust Grand Cru No. 3 is a classic Corona format, which is very popular among connoisseurs. With its balance of length and diameter, the Corona format provides a pleasurable smoking experience. The special blend makes the Grand Cru No. 3 a medium-strength cigar with an attractive, aromatic and harmonious flavour.” Davidoff.com

The Stats

format: Corona
length: 5″
diameter: 1,7 cm
ring gauge: 43
binder: Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic

Connecticut Shade

The Experience

Initial Impression … I’m very pleased w/ this cigar. I chose this smoke for two reasons: 1) My poor experience w/ the Double <<R>> and 2) Because I knew that Davidoff is a stellar brand and wanted to re-affirm my knowledge and trust in their company

Appearance … As I removed it from its plastic wrapper, I noticed that it was dry…this is because I found out (the hard way) that my Bovida packs really *do* have an expiration date and did nothing to assist my humidor. But I persevered, cut the cap and found little flaking. As I would subsequently discovered, I saved this and the rest of my batch from an arid death!

Lighting/Burning/Ash … I lit, perfect light! I take my first real puff and found it to draw magnificently. I like to feel a little bit of a pull from the foot of my cigar when I draw in on it. And what should my tongue discover but a pleasantly mild flavor of tobacco waft over it.

Consistency & Draw … I’m pleased to report that this stick remained consistent from beginning to end. I taste no flavors in cigars, either palate is too immature or I’m not snooty enough to invent oaky/nutty/chocolatey tastes.

Maintenance & Flavor … This cigar was better constructed and mild evenly throughout the smoke.

Reflection & Rating

My faith in Davidoff has been restored. This was a truly pleasant smoke and one that am glad I tried so soon after my poor experience with the Special R. I would have no problem recommending this cigar to anyone who might be hesitant to smoke a cigar for fear of the dreaded “Nicotine Monster”. This cigar is a definitive “A” rating!

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