Yes, I Gamble!

Things I often here from my friends:

  • “You’re going back to Vegas AGAIN?!?!”
  • “Man, you must lose a bundle when you gamble!”
  • “I can’t imagine throwing my money away like that!”
  • “I would rather buy stuff with the money I could lose at the casino and have something to show for it.”

These phrases stir an interesting emotion within me when I hear them. While I know that whomever is speaking to me means to offense, I can’t help but have a brief twinge of anger about their ignorance. I typically ask them in response if they go out to dinner and movie and how frequently? After they inform me they do this once or twice a month, I ask them what an evening like that costs. Again, their response is somewhere around $100 for the night. So if they do this two or three times a month, there’s a cost of approximately $200-$300 every month…for an expense (I point out) will promptly be flushed 24 hours later (pun intended).

Once I make this point to them, I follow up with a comment pointing out that some people see their costs of dinner and movie as an expense that does not garner the same level of enjoyment as it does for them. That everything we do has a cost-benefit analysis and that one person’s dinner and movie is another person’s two hours at a video poker terminal.

While this conversation typically nips it in the bud for these people, it still annoys me that I have to justify how and why I spend my money the way I do. I know, I know, I don’t have to justify anything to anyone technically, but realistically I want to put in perspective for the speaker what a waste of money I find dinner/movie night. Don’t get me wrong, I do dinner/movie night all the time (I’m lucky, I have the disposable income to partake in both) but I do them infrequently compared to my anti-gambling brethren.

The moral of this story: Fellow Gaming Aficionados, Take Heart! For you are not the only ones berated for your choice of entertainment endeavors, I too have faced the slings and arrows of our casino trips. Fortunately, I have both the platform, as well as, the moxie to stand up and defend our financial choices!

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