Cuesta-Rey – Phenominal Smoke

Vendor’s Claim:

“Cuesta-Rey Centenario are ultra-smooth, creamy, mild-to-medium-bodied premium cigars.  Handmade with light Connecticut Shade natural or dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrappers and the finest Dominican long filler leaves, the tobaccos in Cuesta-Rey Centenario cigars are aged an average of five years. Five levels of quality control and over a century of expert craftsmanship make Cuesta-Rey one of the finest cigars in the world.”

The Stats:

Size:                       6 ¼” x 52

Style:                     Pyramid

Wrapper:             Natural Connectuicut Broadleaf

Binder:                 Dominican Republic

Filler:                    Dominican Republic


The Experience:

Initial Impression— I cannot say enough phenomenal things about this cigar! Let’s see if Jason Gillikin actually reads my blog posts…you ready for this: I just might love this cigar more than any Davidoff cigar I’ve smoked! Now this may come as a surprise to many of the blog readers and podcast listeners as I’ve gushed many, many times about how much I love Davidoff cigars. And while I still do, I’m going to have to smoke a few different Davidoffs to see if I still place them as the pinnacle of my smoking preferences.

Everything about this cigar screams “Tony Snyder: Attorney at Law”! What do I mean? Well, I’ve said in no uncertain terms I like my cigars from the Dominican Republic, wrapped in the delicious creaminess that is a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This cigar provides both!

Appearance—This 6 ¼” smoke with a 52 ring gauge Figurado has a smooth yet moderately oily, light-to-medium brown wrapper. The cap construction was well placed which made the ease of cutting a non-issue. I found the over all construction of the cigar to be perfect, not too soft nor too hard. I credit this to a quality roller in the manufacturer’s shop in the Dominican Republic.

Lighting/Burning/Ash— As is always the case with a Cuesta Rey, I found the initial light of this stick to be even, with a light to even smoke while in the resting position. The cigar maintained an even burn from beginning to end which was neither too fast nor too slow. I found the ash to be solid which tells me that it was, again, perfectly rolled and, as such, required no re-lighting!

Consistency/Draw—The consistency of a Cuesta Rey is probably the major reason I so enjoy this cigar. While so many cigars get a nasty acidic taste near the last quarter to third of the stick, I find this cigar tasty from beginning to end. I wish I knew to what I could attribute that, but I can’t…I just know it doesn’t change flavors and I love that. I find the draw excellent from the initial light to last puff. It’s neither like puffing on  a paper towel roll nor is it a finicky smoke requiring constant attention to maintain its light. You can sit this cigar down for a minute or two and come back to it still lit. Furthermore, I enjoy that this cigar is of such quality construction that the wrapper stays in tact so as not to get an unraveling of the wrapper during the hour or so it takes to smoke it.

Maintenance/Flavor— I do I explain how much I enjoy the over all flavor of this cigar with appearing as though I’m fawning? I probably can’t, so I won’t even try! This is a fantastic flavored smoke which is mild to medium flavored, but not so strong that it will make a newbie nauseous. While I wouldn’t recommend this smoke right out of the gate for a first time cigar smoker, I believe that it is a cigar which could be enjoyed within the first 2-3 months of smoking on an inconsistent basis.

I love its smooth taste with a nice hint of spice, maybe even pepper in nature. And let’s not forget the aroma which comes from the plumes of smoke. This is a cigar that even non-smokers would enjoy inhaling. It’s one of those rare cigars where the smoke smells as good as the cigar itself tastes.

As the cigar comes to a finish, you find the consistency, flavor and construction to be as quality now as it was then when it was first lit.

Reflection & Rating

This cigar just tastes great! It has a nice mild flavor to it, but there’s a bit of a spicy kick to it which adds character to the experience. From beginning to end, it has the same consistent flavor with no harsh acidity near the nub. Once you’re finished it, you notice your palate to maintain the delicious flavor without any harsh aftertaste. Furthermore, the location in which you’ve just smoked this cigar retains the quality aroma, yet dissipates within a few hours…just  as a quality cigar should.

For that reason, I would rate this smoke an A+

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