News from ‘Round the Humidor

Vice Lounge Online, after a brief “what the hell are we doing?” hiatus, is back in action. We’ve uploaded podcasts 5 through 12 (although 11 and 12 are scheduled for future release), made a few cosmetic enhancements to the site, and rekindled our love of casino gaming, fine cigars, and quality adult beverages.

Two quick points:

  1. Podcasts 9 and above sound good. Podcasts 7/8 have funky audio — you can listen to it, but the levels aren’t quite right. We’ve retooled our equipment to provide a much more enjoyable listening experience from #9 and thereafter.
  2. To help guide listeners as we review cigars, we’ve developed a VLO Cigar Evaluation Form. Please feel free to download it and use it for yourself, as a public service from Jason and Tony.

You can catch our podcasts on iTunes or through the RSS aggregator of your choice. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter at @viceloungeol, or send us email to INFO at

As always — game sanely, smoke sensibly, and drive safely.

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