Get Your Vegas Group On!

Vegas is truly the happiest place on earth for me.

I recently had an opportunity to share time in that city with the people that mean the most to me. I was wed on April 17th of this year and had a fantastic experience. Sure I could write about the wedding and how fantastic it was, but that’s not the point of this website. We talk about vices and what better place to celebrate all those vices than in Sin City?

What I enjoyed about this particular experience was that I got to experience it with a group of people that I genuinely love to be around. From Jason and Emilie (dear friends from my college days) to Joe, Jon, Cary, Heidi and Deb (friends I’ve made since college, exception: Joe [known as long as I’ve known my wife]).

See, each of these individuals brings something special to Vegas. Jason is a drinking buddy of mine but he’s really the sole video poker person I have. He also likes cigars. These two activities, individually, are fantastic but add them together with a great friend and it’s almost magical. Sure we didn’t win a royal flush but we did enjoy a Cuesta Rey while chasing that elusive hand!

Joe is a poker player and a Blackjack player. I enjoy both but inevitably seem to get my derrière handed to me at both games. This time out to Vegas I just didn’t have the time to spend in a poker room. Texas Hold ‘Em is as much a game of patience as it is skill. I just didn’t have the desire to carve out the time to sit in a poker room. Plus, most rooms do not allow smoking in them, and I think rightfully so.

Joe also isn’t much of a cigar smoker, for that, I take full responsibility. I know he would enjoy them, he’s a casual smoker of cigarettes, but he hasn’t had me to tutor him in quality smokes. That should be on my 90 day “To Do” list. (Mental Note) But Joe does enjoy gambling and he does enjoy alcohol so that made the event a positive one.

The rest of the aforementioned individuals brought their own humor and personalities to the group as that’s what Vegas is all about. Most of them are serious Beer Hounds, and I am not. I’m a Bacardi drinker—through and through. But that doesn’t mean the enjoyment which we had was limited.

Vegas is a place where whatever you enjoy doing (drinking, smoking or gambling) can be done 24/7 and no one will ever look at you cross for wanting to engage in said activity at an hour. It’s the epitome of “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” because people from all over the world are in Vegas. It literally is 5 pm for someone, based on their local time, somewhere in Vegas…be it a local or a tourist.

The camaraderie that is built over a video poker machine, slot machine, blackjack table, crap table or bar table is one that is difficult to put into words. It’s more along the lines of something you need to experience to appreciate it. I’ve been out to Vegas with just Jason, with just my wife, with my wife and our friends Emilie/Jon but never with such a large group of people and Vegas is even more amazing/enjoyable when you’ve a large group with which to experience it. If someone didn’t want to partake in the planned festivities of one event, they had hundreds more options. Some went off to do one thing, some to do another, or the whole group would go out to dinner and/or karaoke.

How does Vegas get any better than that?

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