Review: Trinidad Reserve Toro

The nice thing about picking cigars off the shelf at your favorite tobacconist is that you could be pleasantly surprised or gravely disappointed, but in either case you’ve expanded your palette and perhaps discovered a new treat. Much to my satisfaction, the Trinidad Reserve Toro I acquired from Buffalo Tobacco Traders fell into the “new treat category.”

The Trinidad line, sold by Altadis USA, is billed as being:

 “Bolder than its Dominican predecessor, the full-bodied Trinidad Reserve is rolled at the Honduras La Flor De Copan factory. With an excitingly peppery taste, thanks to the Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and aged Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers to provide smooth balance, this rich cigar is often enjoyed by the experienced connoisseur.”

Although my own experience differed from Altadis’s marketing materials, I still found much to like about this stick.

Basic stats:

  • Trinidad Reserve Toro (54 x 6″)
  • Purchased for $16 on 4/22/11 from Buffalo Tobacco Traders
  • Smoked 4/22/11 (paired with a french roast coffee with creamer)
  • Nicaraguan binder, Nicaraguan/Honduran filler and Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper

The initial appearance and presentation scored well. The wrapper was dry, hard and veiny, and tinted a lovely milk-chocolate brown. The rounded cap punched easily with no extraneous flaking. The cigar, before lighting, had no real discernible aroma. There was no packaging — not even a plastic cigar condom.

The initial light was easy and even. The cigar consistently burned at a 45 degree angle across its long axis — I was initially concerned, but it burned like that for the duration of the smoke and did not present a problem. The cigar burned slowly and did not require a relight, although at about 75 percent it became harder to keep it going and I eventually let it die a natural albeit premature death. The resting smoke was light and aromatic, and the ash was dark brown and very loose and flaky.

Drawing was well-nigh perfect until around the 60 percent mark, after which it became increasingly more difficult. There may have been an internal plug, but there was no obstruction at the cap. The wrapper remained intact throughout.

The Trinidad excelled at taste. Especially in its first half, the cigar was light, smooth and sweet, with a nutty flavor. Altadis bills it as robust and spicy, but I vehemently disagree; this was a very delicate smoke and not at all harsh. The aroma of the smoke was rich and earthy, although the smoke wasn’t plentiful. That said, after the half-way point, a pepper aftertaste started to suggest itself.

This was a decent cigar worth smoking again.


  • Appearance & Presentation: 18/20
  • Lighting & Burning: 10/15
  • Construction: 20/25
  • Taste: 30/30
  • Consistency: 8/10

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