Rocky Patel Sun Grown Happiness

Vendor’s Claim:

Full bodied; full of bold rich flavors that consist of white pepper, spice, molasses & roasted espresso with a hint of sweet tobacco.”

The Stats:

Size:                       4.5” x 44 (Petit Corona)/5.5” x 50 (Robusto)/6.25” x 52 (Torpedo)

Filller:                   Dominican Republic & Nicaraguan

Binder:                 Nicaraguan

Wrapper:             Ecuadorian

The Experience:

Initial Impression— This is a darker brown wrapper than I’m usually comfortable with. I am a big, big fan of Connecticut Shade wrappers, but the 2 beautiful red labels wrapped around the chocolate brown cigar was so eye appealing in my local tobacconist’s shop that I bought purely out of eye candy-ness! Because I enjoyed it so much (it was the Robusto) that when I was in another cigar shop three days later and saw they had the Petit Coronas for sale, I picked one up. Finally, I went back to my favorite smoke shop and saw they only had the Torpedo available, but didn’t think twice about grabbing it up.

Usually I would do one review per cigar, but because I smoked these three all within one week, and because they’re essentially the same cigar (just different sizes) I’m going to review them in one comprehensive post.

Appearance— All three cigars looked the same, the only difference were their lengths. That said, they are chocolate brown with little visible flaws to them. They again, I think darker wrappers can hide any imperfections a bit better anyway.

Lighting/Burning/Ash— Each one of my little treasures lit nicely and stayed lit! Their ash was white and clung fairly well to the cigar itself. I should have ashed the Torpedo sooner, and because I didn’t, I got a nice clump of ash pile on the arm rest of the chair I was sitting in. Again, how not cigar’s fault…human error.

Consistency/Draw— Each cigar had a quality draw and the consistency from beginning to end was nice. I really enjoyed having a smoke that, from a petit to a torpedo, maintained a quality draw and flavor. I think it says a lot about the quality of the Rocky Patel line that I could smoke three different shaped cigars and each one was just a good as the previous.

Maintenance/Flavor— Wonderful flavor is how I have to start this section! It has this neat spicy, yet sweet, flavor to it. It’s something that must be tried to understand. I found the taste to be rich, someone medium in nature (in part to the Ecuadorian wrapper), and yet not so powerful that I felt ill when smoking it. I will admit I didn’t smoke the torpedo down to a nub like I did with the Petit or Robusto. I just never know when I’m going to have it in me to sit through an entire cigar and when I’m going to grow weary of it. I was ready for the cigar to be over about ¾ of the way through. That said, however, of the three I smoked, they all maintained the same flavor from beginning to end, which I enjoyed.

Reflection & Rating

This cigar was brand new to me. I was a little nervous to buy a cigar I knew very little about, but I knew I liked a previous Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 smoke, so I hoped for the best with the Sun Grown. Boy, what an awesome experience/surprise! This is what makes cigar smoking so much fun is when you stubble upon a personal Top 5 cigar. This certainly would be a Top 5-er for me!

I enjoyed the spiciness it had, but that’s because I think earthy cigars are dreadfully boring. The flip side is I don’t want a cigar so spicy it burns my lips and makes me think I’m smoking a jalapeno! This cigar was just the right balance between sweet and spicy! If you’re interested in trying something with a little kick to it but nothing too over the top, this cigar would be a great stick to pick up next time you’re at your tobacconist.

For that reason, I would rate this smoke as an A.

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