Romeo Y Julieta – Cedro Deluxe 2

Vendor’s Claim:

Romeo y Julieta is an iconic cigar named after a literary favorite. The 1875 cigar’s beautiful Indonesian Shade Grown TBN wrapper surrounds a classic Dominican binder and a blend of Dominican long fillers that burn with a characteristic white ash, providing a smooth, mellow taste with medium body. It’s a premium cigar with a storybook ending.”

The Stats:

Name:                                                  Cedro Deluxe 2

Size:                                                       44 x 5.5”
Wrapper:                                             Indonesian TBN
Binder:                                                  Dominican
Filler:                                                    Dominican

Price:                                                     $7.25 (US/Michigan)

The Experience:

Initial Impression— I picked up this stick because I hadn’t smoked one in well over 18 months. I decided to give the ol’ RYJ brand a try, once again. I noticed that it still had the same chocolaty brown colored wrapper, but it was a bit difficult to discern as it’s wrapped in a thin sheet of cedar within the plastic condom. Double wrapped, if you will.

Appearance—RYJ’s are notorious for having a veiny wrapper, so I wasn’t terribly concerned over it’s appearance. As is noted on a fair number of cigar review websites, this cigar is not an attractive looking stick. What might be perceived as a poorly wrapped cigar, is actually crudely rolled masterpiece. Like books where the edges of the pages are jagged for ascetic reasons, these cigars are not smooth pieces of art. Don’t let the appearance fool you, this is a quality smoke.

Lighting/Burning/Ash— If there is one thing to be said about RYJ, what their appearance lacks, their construction makes up for ten-fold. I like this bad boy and only once (out of no fault of the cigar) did I have to re-light my smoke. I noticed as I was smoking the cigar, I only had to ash about four times, primarily because the stick was so well constructed that it held the ash until I chose to flick it. The smoke was a bit excessive as I puffed on the stick, but while in a resting position, the cigar burned evenly and lightly until I was ready to puff on it again.

Consistency/Draw—The stick was meticulously constructed. There was zero plug problem, no issues with the draw, simply a great smoke. I had a solid light and maintained that light until I was tired of smoking the cigar.

Maintenance/Flavor— RYJ is a nice medium smoke. As is the case with every RYJ stick I’ve smoked, there is a great peppery flavor to the stick which makes it a delightfully tasty smoke. It’s not overpowering, although I had had a large meal. I wouldn’t recommend this cigar on an empty stomach to a newbie (although I wouldn’t recommend ANY cigar to anyone on an empty stomach), but for someone who is trying to venture into new territory (ie, out of the mild and into a medium smoke) this is the cigar with which to do it.

Reflection & Rating

I enjoy RYJ. They’re not my first choice, but I can’t say definitively why that is. RYJ are certainly in my Top Ten favorite cigars but I’d place them somewhere in the 7 – 9 slot. Again, good enough to make my Top 10, but not good enough to make it into my Top 5.

I encourage you to try this smoke and tell me where you would list this smoke! Does it make it into your Top 5? Top 10? Let me know.

For that reason, I would rate this smoke as a B.

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