Review: Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro

One of the most interesting aspects of reviewing cigars is paying attention to what other people think. A quick skim of various reviews for the Perdomo Lot 23 series suggest that this cigar is a underappreciated, flavorful stick with a surprisingly low price point.

My own experience was not quite so pleasant. Having smoked three in a row, I found the cigar lacking. However, in fairness, it’s possible that the cigars were not properly humidified at the point of purchase — I bought the sticks from an elaborate party store with a small walk-in humidor that didn’t feel quite right.

That said, here’s the rundown:

Basic Stats

  • Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro
  • Churchill — 7″ x 50
  • Purchased 7/5/11; smoked 7/5, 7/6, 7/8. All 3 smoked to 85% and all three paired with a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.
  • Nicaraguan leaf, manufactured by Tabacalera Perdomo S.A.


  • Appearance/Presentation, 18/20. Dry, veiny wrapper, hard to the touch. Dark brown. Rounded cap with subdued pre-light aroma. Punched easily.
  • Lighting/Burning, 10/15. Initial light was easy and even. Resting smoke was light, with a consistent and firm light-grey banded ash. Cigars burned consistently but occasionally went out — had to relight one cigar three times, which is unusual for me.
  • Construction, 10/25. Draw quality throughout was fine, although the cigar was more susceptible to plugs than normal. The wrapper on all three was horrid, cracking and flaking (and on one cigar, coming apart completely by the time I was only half-way done). Major issue was consistency of the wrapper.
  • Taste, 20/30. Medium intensity. Smoke felt harsh/bitter. Other reviewers suggest it has a “woodsy, earthy” taste but it tasted a bit bland and the smoke was a touch acridic. Possibly the result of being improperly stored by the vendor.
  • Consistency, 5/10. No real changes in flavor, although the wrapper’s inability to remain intact played a role here.

Final verdict:  63/100. Not an favorable experience. Would consider trying again to see if my suspicion about the vendor’s improper humidification had a significant impact on my enjoyment of this cigar.

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