Cigar Review: Macanudo 1968 Gigante

Quick review

Last month I enjoyed three Mac 1968 Gigante cigars. These sticks (6 x 60) feature a Honduran San Augstin Havana Seed wrapper with a Connecticut Habano binder and Dominican and Nicaraugan filler.

All three cigars were procured from the same vendor in a well-maintained humidor. Each of the cigars was a delight — they burned evenly (although the ash was a bit more flaky than a Cafe series cigar) and, from a technical perspective, marked the same high quality we expect from General Cigar’s products.

Personal impressions: Rich, robust flavor. Good resting smoke. Lighter than expected smoke overall, but this is a good thing. Earthy aroma and lush taste that never became too bitter or acrid.

This is an excellent cigar and is well worth the relative, modest price premium compared to other cigars in its class.

(For an additional treatment of the Macanudo 1968, listen to Podcast 22).

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