Podcast 27: A Trip to Las Vegas

8/14/11 – EDIT:  Because of a tech glitch, the advertised podcast (still listed below) was incorrectly identified. The podcast linked below is *actually* about things to do on a trip to Las Vegas. Apologies for the error!

Tony’s grab-bag — Venetian comps return; different spousal addresses for player club mailers; when to stop gambling. Jason outlines some health statistics related to cigar smoking, then the boys discuss the proper care and storage of wine.

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1 thought on “Podcast 27: A Trip to Las Vegas

  1. Dan Reply

    Instead of a ‘disposable’ torch, another option for lighting a cigar if you have trouble using a match is to bring along some strips of cedar. Use the match to light the cedar, then the cedar to light the cigar.

    Tip: When using a match to light a cigar, give the match a second to burn before lighting the cigar. This will allow any sulfur or other unwanted chemical flavors from the match head to burn off and will not taint the first puffs.

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