Podcast #28: Oops. Tony’s Gamblin’ Grab Bag; Health Impact of Cigars; Storing Wine

OK. So last week, you heard a podcast that had to do with our planned trip to Wynn in September. You did NOT hear the podcast that was actually advertised. We regret the error. We had recorded podcasts 26/27/28 out of order because of a tech glitch, and then I had inadvertently named them with the wrong file names when I re-upped them to our FTP server.

So … here’s what we promised for last week, that you will NOW hear for this week:

Tony’s grab-bag — Venetian comps return; different spousal addresses for player club mailers; when to stop gambling. Jason outlines some health statistics related to cigar smoking, then the boys discuss the proper care and storage of wine.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Click >> HERE << for the podcast.

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