Vice Journals

Do you keep a log of your cigar history? Do you record your favorite wines or Scotches? Although recording your experiences may seem like a lot of hassle, preserving a record of your experiences with the finer things in life may prove useful in several ways:

  • You can see the evolution of your tastes over time
  • You can gauge the kinds of things you do and don’t prefer
  • You can make notes about a product you’d like to try again in the future
  • You can share it online to show your “cred” to others

A good journal need not be a complicated affair. If you’re inclined toward paper, you can either buy a nice journal and keep free-text notes in it, or you can get a hole punch and binder and create custom forms. Print a stack, put them in the binder, and you’re good to go.

Electronic solutions can vary. People have good luck with using a common site (like to upload their reviews, but others prefer to use smartphone apps. Using a computer-based solution like custom OneNote or Evernote pages could be a great solution, too.

The bottom line is that although tracking your consumption adds a bit of effort, the long-term payoff may be handsome indeed. So think about grabbing a journal or two and recording your thoughts on the manly vices.

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