Cigar Review: San Cristobal Monumento

An Ashton product, the San Cristobal is a boutique cigar that despite its modest price point, makes for a tasty cigar that will form a regular part of my rotation.

Herewith the details:

  • San Cristobal Monumento, 7.25 x 49
  • Nicaraguan tobacco (filler, binder, wrapper)
  • Full bodied

Tasting notes:  This cigar is billed by its parent as having hints of earth, cedar, spice and pepper. Tend to agree — the dominant flavor is earthy, but there is a bit of a kick to it. After having consumed six of these cigars, purchased in two trips from two different vendors, I found no construction problems or irregularities that require finessing by the smoker. I enjoyed it, and would certainly smoke it again.

Appearance (9/10) — Slightly oily, veiny, chocolate-brown wrapper. Large, colorful band.

Construction (8/10) — No issues. Slight tendency to plug at the head, but the plug easily rolled out.

Flavor (8/10) — Lovely mix of earth and pepper. Aroma of smoke was bit more “stale” however.

Value (10/10) — I picked these up for $6.05 for a large cigar that had no construction issues and a lovely flavor profile. Can’t beat the value.

Overall Experience (9/10) — Wonderful cigar. After having had six, I am comfortable putting this into my lineup for an everyday smoke that’s enjoyable with a phenomenal price point.

Note — We’ll discuss this cigar next week in Podcast 37. Stay tuned — you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher or RSS.

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