Oh, Stick A Corkcicle In It!

I know what you’re thinking: Hey, Tony doesn’t usually blog about alcohol…that’s Jason’s main area of expertise. Well, it was something I’ll also podcast about, but I wanted to write about it too. There is a neat apparatus out there I think you should know about. I’m not getting any sort of payment for this endorsement, I simply think it’s neat and wanted to pass the information along to you!

The gadget, for which I boast, is called a “Corkcicle” and it can be found online at their website here. Basically, what this does it either keeps your white wine cold, or in the alternative, brings down the temperature of your red wine. For those oenophiles, there is nothing more frustrating than a warm glass of white wine. If you’re going to serve it, it should be chilled. But what about when it’s sitting out? With this gadget, you can maintain its proper temperature. But what if you’re a red wine drinking, you ask? Red wine isn’t necessarily supposed to be served at room temperature. Bringing the overall wine temperature down a few degrees from the room is optimal.

Introducing the Corkcicle! This neat product is nothing more than a nontoxic gel wrapped in a BPA-free plastic test-tube looking container. You put it in the freezer so that freezes into a solid, and when you’re ready, put it into the wine bottle to achieve or maintain your desire wine temp.!

So the neat thing is, the Corkcicle will bring a red wine down to a cellar-like temperature within 10-15 minutes or keep your white wine cold for as long as an hour.

If you pick one up, or know someone who has one, post a comment and report back its effectiveness!

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