Podcast 34: Vegas Vacation Recap, Part One

OK … Jason and Tony are back from their four-night stay in The Happiest Place on Earth, and you get a detailed travelogue for your listening pleasure. This is part one — and it’s longer than an ordinary VLO podcast (tips the scale at nearly 70 minutes). Please forgive the periods of audio glitches — especially during the Wicked Spoon discussion — as these were the result of undetected interference during a thunderstorm during our recording session.

(And forgive Tony calling this “episode 33” — he may have been tipsy.)

Click >> HERE << to download the MP3.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 34: Vegas Vacation Recap, Part One

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  2. AccessVegas Reply

    Working my way back through selected shows, didn’t want to miss the trip report shows. Always good to hear how people enjoy their trips. Couple of thoughts:

    Next time at Casa Fuente, have their house brand (called Casa Fuente). Great stick and the only place in the world where you can buy it.

    Surprised at the Wynn Buffet review. Have you tried it for dinner? There is only so much any place can do with breakfast. For dinner, it is usually one of the best.

    Have no fear: Circus and Riv aren’t going anywhere. Circus is profitable year after year. They do very well with the low-roller California drive-in market. Riv’s owners are committed to the property. Their occupancy is decent. They will be well positioned when the north part of The Strip turns the corner. (Sahara closed due to gross mismanagement, not the economy — their BS excuse — something we reported on and backed up at the time).

    Don’t sweat Convention Center Drive. It is safe. Besides the hotels, it is the home of both KLAS Channel 8 and the Vegas Video Network. Not to mention Piero’s (one of the top restaurants in town). I know, I know… The Strip feels like a security blanket and it feels strange walking down a side-street when you don’t live here.

    Enjoyable stuff. For those of us in the biz who live here, it is always interesting to hear the details of a visitor’s experience!

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