Quick Review: Auchentoshan Classic

Aaah, Scotch. Definitive proof of the existence of a benevolent God. And Auchentoshan Classic Scotch whisky? Proof that the Scottish may well be semi-divine.

The Auchentoshan Classic provides a smooth, elegant introduction to this distillery’s product line. Obtained from a Michigan retailer for less than $50, the whisky’s product placement included a statement from the retailer’s staff that this single malt provides a robust welcome to Lowland whisky.

This 10-year malt is triple-distilled. First impressions: The Classic could be a good transition point for people who favor blends — it’s smooth and delicate, with floral hints. Single-malt purists may be disappointed insofar as the flavor profile is subdued, but then, not everyone likes Scotch that tastes like kerosene.

The combination of smoothness and affordability suggest the Auchentoshan Classic ought to have a place as a go-to drink in any Scotch drinker’s cabinet: The reputation of the brand and the single-malt designation will impress visitors accustomed to cheap blends, and the whisky itself is lovely enough to be enjoyed daily.

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