Quick Review: Van Gogh Gin

It comes with an impressive 95 rating from Wine Enthusiast. This Dutch gin — infused with 10 botanicals including angelica, coriander, grains of paradise, almonds, lemon, liquorice, juniper,  cassia, orris, and cubeb berries — promises smoothness and manages to over-deliver.

People tell me that they hate gin because they don’t like drinking Pine-Sol. Fair enough. But modern gins, particularly boutique blends favoring other herbals at the expense of juniper, present a diversity of tastes that make for a refreshing beverage just on the rocks.

Van Gogh gin is as consistently flavorful and soft around the edges as Hendrick’s, but it’s overall botanical mix is different — more earthy than flowery.

This gin makes a worthy addition to anyone’s top shelf, either for straight sipping or as a mixer. Be careful, though, that this gin mixes best when the other ingredients don’t overpower the complex flavors of the gin.

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