What’s in Your Decanter?

You want to live the VLO lifestyle (right?). You want to entertain in style. You want to make the provisioning of adult beverages for your guests as quick, painless and debonair as possible. You keep a good stock of spirits and hone your mixology skills.

But sometimes quick-and-dirty rules the day. For those instances where a quick-but-decent libation is preferable to wasting time and effort mixing a cocktail, we recommend keeping a decanter or three on hand.

We do. So should you. What’s in your decanter? In ours, we have:

  • Scotch. Aim for a decent blend (we like Johnnie Walker Swing) or a fairly gentle Speyside like Aberlour or The Balvenie.
  • Port. The underlying dryness of the base wine should not be obscured. We generally agree with Wine Spectator ratings — a decent port shouldn’t cost more than $30 or $40 or so.
  • B&B. Brandy and Benedictine provides a sweet, alcoholic punch with a unique taste that appeals to many palates. You can’t go wrong with a decanter of this nectar.

It should go without saying that although your decanters don’t need to be a matched set, you do need to have a matched set of glass rocks glasses. The manly elegance of a decanter of Scotch diminishes when you poor into a dixie cup.

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