A Grand Gispert

Based upon a excellent recommendation by my favorite tobacconist, I picked up 5 Gispert (Robusto) cigars for the guys for Cigar Night, yesterday. I explained the majority of guys were not cigar aficionados, and as such, what he might suggest. He pointed out that he was a big fan of the Gispert because of its Connecticut wrapper and mix of Ecuadorian and Honduran tobacco.

This fine smoke is a a box pressed cigar with a mild to medium bodied cigar. It’s a sweet, creamy flavor and has a slight tangy taste on the palate. While I’m willing to concede the aforementioned term is “borrowed” marketing speak, it’s an evaluation I throughly agree with! This cigar really did meet the cigar needs of each of the guys we had at the event. The cigar itself was only 5″ x 54 so it was a relatively quick smoke. I bet the last person to smoke theirs (and he smoked it to a nub), only took 45 mins to get through it. Therefore, this would be a great cigar to enjoy if you were pressed for time.

For being a somewhat unknown cigar, I have to say that it was remarkable. It had a wonderful draw, it burned evenly, the construction was sound…and that holds true for all the guy’s experience. There was an ever so slight earthy flavor to it, but nothing that made it unenjoyable. I have to say, truth be told, that I would probably never have tried it but for the high praise from my tobacconist.

I would try this smoke again, absolutely. It didn’t wow me, however. Therefore, my over all grade is a “B+”.

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