Giving Thanks — For Our Manly Vices

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us — and while you give thanks for all the blessings and good fortune you’ve experienced, Tony and I gently exhort you to give thanks in a direct way for the joys you’ve experienced with the manly vices.

  • Skip the hassle of Black Friday by trucking off to your nearest Indian casino. Enjoy the camaraderie of a fast-paced table game, and celebrate the thrill of victory with a Blackjack or a Royal Flush or a big win on a bonus round at the penny slots.
  • Put your dollars where your humidor is by joining up for Cigar Rights of America. A mere $35 a year gets you a membership in the country’s premier organization dedicated to protecting the rights of cigar smokers. An investment in CRA is an investment in your own continuing tobacco-related bliss.
  • Skip the foreign alcohol (yes, even Scotch) and enjoy fine American beer, wine and spirits. Nothing goes well with a turkey than a tasty Michigan pinot noir, and a California Riesling pairs nicely with pre-dinner snacks. Enjoy the offerings of your local microbrewery during the football game, and when dinner is over and the evening sun descends, pair your favorite cigar with a glass or two of Jack Daniel’s.

Tony and I extend to each of your our best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season. We give thanks for all of our audience, and we’re grateful for your engagement and encouragement over the last year.

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