A Good First Experience

Vendor’s Claim: The secret of today’s rich Partagas cigars lies in their wrapper leaves. Grown in Cameroon, the Central West African country where the steaming, sub-tropical climate unique to the fourth parallel is ideal for growing superb wrapper leaves, Cameroon wrappers have no equals for rich flavor. 

The Stats:

Wrapper:  Cameroon

Filler: Dominican, Mexican

Binder: Mexico San Andrean

Country: Dominican Republic

Size: 4.5 x 49

The Experience:

Initial Impression— This cigar was given to me by the gentleman who works at my favorite tobacconist. He said that the Partagas rep. gave the store a box of these smokes to let their clientele (best clients, perhaps?) try out.  I’d never had one before, and while I’ve seen Partagas in almost every cigar shop I’ve stopped into, I never felt the urge pick out up, but free will work!

Appearance—I thought the medium brown wrapper was slightly darker than the Connecticut shade wrappers I prefer, but it wasn’t darker than I’m comfortable with. I can be a “big boy” smoking light to medium brown wrappers, you know! The construction of this Robusto cigar was clean looking, a little shorter of a smoke than I would prefer, but again, free is free. Hell, I’d try a cigarillo if were free!

Lighting/Burning/Ash— I punched the head of the cigar, toasted the foot and immediately lit it up. I found the burn to be clean, little resting smoke and the ash was sturdy and stable on it. All in all, a quality smoke.

Consistency/Draw—I found that it maintained the same flavor from beginning to end. The draw was excellent and there was no issue with re-lighting, not once.

Maintenance/Flavor— I found the flavor to be quite nice. I fear that the time between when I smoked this cigar and today’s evaluation have caused my memory to be wanting for more specifics.

Reflection & Rating

I don’t recall much about this cigar. This is why I need to take notes on my cigars as I smoke them. I remember thinking I enjoyed the cigar and I remember thinking I’m glad it was free because I was introduced a cigar I might not otherwise have tried. I will get another one of these this week and I will write an updated review.

For that reason, I would rate this smoke as a B+

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