Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I’ve been somewhat derelict in my blogging duties, I’m embarrassed to say. Part of it is legitimate, some of it is excuse making. But one decent reason for my dereliction of blogging duties is because I’ve recently re-discovered (or perhaps simply discovered) The Corona smoke shop in Okemos, Michigan. The smoke shop is so popular that they recently purchased the store next to it (it sits in a four shop mini-mall plaza) and expanded both their walk-in humidor, as well as, their smoking lounge.

Michigan suffers fools A LOT and one of those fools to which Michigan is afflicted is a ridiculous smoking ban. Michigan passed a smoking ban in 2009-2010 which no longer allows new smoke shops to open up. So the Okemos location was quickly thrown together to get in under the smoking ban wire. It proved so popular that they needed more space…both for product as well as for patrons.

I have been going with my wife to The Corona almost every day for the past two weeks. During that time, I’ve gotten to know almost all the employees by their first name and they’ve gotten to know me by first name. This may not seem like a big deal, but A) I’m  a solo practice attorney at it’s great networking and B) they have a fairly large clientele base and for them to know me personally is really cool. Plus, it adds to my cigar tab when they know what I like and suggest a fistful of smokes each time I come in. I’m a sucker for ego stroking and good customer service (which is one and the same for me).

Part of the new expansion also includes what will be an entire wall of Davidoff cigars and Davidoff owned cigar brands (like Zino, Camacho and Cusano). I about shat myself when they informed me of this little ditty! Readers, please understand that is quite an accomplishment for the Lansing area, as even Grand Rapids (the state’s 2nd largest city) doesn’t even have a Davidoff authorized cigar shop! Apparently, before Davidoff allows you to sell their wares, you have to promise you’ll stock “X” number of cigars, which equates out to approximately a $50,000 investment, right from the get-go. I want to do back flips knowing that the good people of Lansing are supporting The Corona to this extent.

The other cool addition to their expansion is a much larger smoker’s lounge which now seats closer to 25 people, as opposed to the tight 10 people that could fit in there before. This is nice because now we’re not sitting on top of one another and breathing in each other’s cigar. Now I can enjoy my cigar, smell the smoke my cigar produces and taste only the fine tobacco within my quality stick.

But the coup de grace of the new establishment is their perfectly maintained humidified lockers! Because they encourage you to come in, lit up and enjoy a cocktail you’ve brought in with you, they’ve now provided you with a place to store said happiness. My wife and I have been in the store close to 10 out of 14 days and decided that we should be “those people” that have their own humidified locker to store bottles of wine, a corkscrew, lighter, cutter, etc. The coolest part? It comes with a name plate which they will engrave with your name on it. Woah, that’s awesome–all for the low-low price of $199.99 for the first year and $99 each additional year. So guess what my wife got me for Christmas this year?? And when she found out each subsequent year is only $99, she told me she knew what she was getting me for the following year’s Christmas! I’ve got the most amazing wife, don’t I?

So, to show my gratitude, dear readers, I have decided to blog everyday this week about the cigars I’ve smoked, thanks to my new found discovery that is The Corona! What’s on the docket, you ask? Take a look to see what I’m going to talk about over the coming week:

Monday (12/19):  You’re reading it!

Tuesday (12/20):  The Camacho Connecticut

Wednesday (12/21): The Zino Classic

Thursday (12/22): The Partagas

Friday (12/23): The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Saturday (12/24):  The Davidoff Special “T”

One of these might change, but this is my tentative plan since I already have three of them written!

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  1. Phebusja Reply

    Wow! Thank you Tony!  We appreciate your business and hope to continue to be your favorite smokeshop. P.S. Davidoff are finally here!


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