I’m A Big Kid, Now!

My dear VLO colleague, Jason, will be so proud of his little Tone-Tone, he’s really starting to become a big boy with his cigars. I recently re-smoked a La Unica 600 cigar this past week and found it to be mild–too mild. This is indicative of either (or both) growing out of simple, mild cigars or actually starting to notice the flavors in a premium cigar. To be clear, I’m not insinuating that my La Unica was anything but premium, it certainly is!

I remember smoking a  La Unica some 3 or 4 years ago. I lucked out that it was as mild as it was, I probably deferred to the tobacconist. It found that it was exactly what I needed back then, a nice mild flavored cigar with no queasiness inducing pitfalls. As cigars went, I found it perfect. I tried it again a year or so ago and, again, was pleased with its overall mild body, but it had slipped on my “Top 5” list.

Fast forward to Thursday (2/2) and there I was enjoying my La Unica, only to turn to my wife and respond to her inquiry of my enjoyment with, “Eh, it’s okay. Kinda tasteless”. Woah! Who am I and what have I done with Captain Mild?!?! As followers of this blog (and corresponding pod cast) know, I truly do prefer a milder smoke. I’ll be the first to admit I’m kinda girlie with my delicate, flower-like stomach and inability to tolerate much nicotine to my system. Yet, the more I’ve smoked the more I’ve learned what I can (and cannot) handle. Not only is this cigar one that I can easily handle, but it’s one that is a bit too simplistic for me. I hate saying it that way for fear of coming across incredibly egotistical and/or condescending. I like a bit of bite to my cigar, a nice flavor of pepper or spice on the lips and tongue. This cigar isn’t that.

But, for my fellow cigar smokers who are at the experience level with cigars I was 1-2 years ago, this is a must try and one to keep on hand for a spur of the moment desire to smoke. Keeping a couple of these sticks on hand will ensure you and your fellow newbie smokers have something they can handle, enjoy and appreciate.

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