Seasons Change, Player’s Club Change

One of the main reasons that I’m such a fan of Caesar’s Entertainment is because they have casinos EVERYWHERE around the country. To me in Lansing, Michigan I can go to Caesar’s Windsor in Canada (eh!), down and over to Hammond, Indiana or Joliet, Illinois. This means that all my gaming accumulates on my Total Rewards card and the comps I earn are good for other places (most importantly, Vegas!).

The value of sticking with one casino company is that you’re getting the biggest bang for your gaming buck because it gets credited to your account, as opposed to doing some gaming at one individual casino here and another separate casino there, ultimately equaling nothing because you’re too far spread out amongst the different casinos. What i typically do is play a ton on my card in Hammond or Joliet, build up my comps and my Average Daily Theoretical (ADT) and reap the rewards in the form of free rooms in Vegas. I haven’t paid for a hotel room in Vegas since 2007. I played hard, got on the Caesars radar (then Harrah’s Entertainment) and have rode the wave of free rooms ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I pay for the cost of my room with the money I dump in their casino, but I appreciate being able to spend that money on gambling and not a room. I’ll still spend the same amount, I assure you.

But there’s a dirty little rumor going around that Caesar’s is looking to dump upward to TWO DOZEN of it’s non-Vegas locations. Doing a quick search of their website, if that rumor were true, would mean they’re unloading most (if not all) of their non-Vegas casinos. I’m skeptical about the truth to this, but it is possible. They are planning on opening about 3-4 new locations in Ohio and I know they REALLY want to get into the Asian market like Macau and Singapore. So it’s not unheard of that they would want to dump some of their bottom performing casinos or if they wanted to get out of areas that are close to Ohio, in hopes of forcing patrons to move to the newer Ohio locations.

Interestingly, MGM Resorts (formerly MGM/Mirage) has paired up with the Ameristar casinos which are quite prevalent in the Mid-West area of the country. While I’m not a huge fan of MGM Resorts (primarily because of their damned Resort fees), I might MIGHT be forced to switch alliances. The idea of being able to play at an Ameristar location and have my play count and be logged on my MLife card is attractive. If I can’t get easy access to Caesars, the only option might be MGM. The MGM/Ameristar player card merger is brilliant and it gets people involved with MGM Resorts without having to build new casinos or go through the administrative/regulatory nightmare of getting approval for a new casino, etc etc.

Since the MGM/Ameristar merger is a done deal and the non-Vegas Caesars location closings is merely rumored, I’m not going to sweat it…yet. The other redeaming factor is that Toledo is going to get a Caesar’s casino, which will actually be the closest of all Caesar casinos for me.

It’s true what they say, however, which is you can’t get too attached to any one casino/company because changes frequently occur and they may not always be for the best.

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