Podcasts Worth Listening To!

You may wonder what podcasts we at VLO find interesting and worth our time. There are a LOT of podcasts out there and it can be difficult finding shows worth investing 40-75 mins each week.

Vermouth: A Primer

Drunk as an apéritif or as an essential part of many cocktails — most famously, the Martini — every home bartender worth his bar salt should stock some decent vermouth.

A Tale of Two Torches

Nothing beats a tri-jet torch for sheer lighting power — they’re faster, and damn it, they just look cool.

Podcast 56: Caesar’s Entertainment Property Sell-Off; Four Cigar Reviews; Dealing with Corked Wine

Join Jason and Tony as they speculate about a potential Midwest property sell-off by Caesar’s Entertainment. Then Jason shares his perspective on four recent cigars he’s enjoyed: the Davidoff Double R, the Padron Serie 1926, the Gurkha Cellar Reserve and the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo. We wrap it up with a sad anecdote about a bottle of expensive port with a decomposing cork, and how you can fix similar problems.