A Tale of Two Torches

Last week I lost my primary torch. A beautiful steel contraption with a built-in punch and rubber grip, its chief virtue is its power: With three jets, the thing can cook ass. While I searched for it daily for more than a week, I had to rely on my backup torch. The backup — a brushed steel body — gets the job done; its workmanlike design and compact form factor make it a great addition to a travel humidor or my valise. But it does its work with a single jet of flame.

For that matter, all the community torches I’ve used at various smoke shops typically employ a single jet. A few times, I’ve seen a doublet-jet model, but never a tri-jet.

So why does this warrant mention? Merely this: After using my backup for a week, then finding my primary, I nearly scorched my eyebrows off lighting a cigar.

Single-jet torches certainly will light a cigar. They are well-suited to evening out a funky burn. But nothing beats a tri-jet torch for sheer lighting power — they’re faster, and damn it, they just look cool. Like bringing an AK-47 to a squirrel hunt.

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