Money, Money, Money…MONEY!

If you’re like me, going to the casino entails dumping your money into slots, video poker machines or dealers trays as quickly as possible! But I’ve (finally) found a way to keep my wits about me when I’m in the casino.

1. I like to put money in $100.00 at a time. First, I can keep track in whole dollar amounts what I’m up (or down) that way. Second, it gives me a quick percentage of how much I’ve lost when I see I”m at $55 in 20 mins (woah, 45%! Running cold!).

2. If I do win something sizable, I like that I can cash out my ticket (as most machines are now ticket in/ticket out) and put it in my back pocket to forget about. What do I call “sizable”? Well, certainly a Royal, but that’s usually hand pay and has been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I’ve had to address that situation. But I might do the same if I hit quad-Aces ($100.00 if playing quarters), I might if I hit a straight-flush. If I’m playing slots, certainly anything that nets me $60+ (usually due to a great bonus round). What if I’m playing tables, you ask? That’s a little easier. Since I”m typically a red chip player ($5), if I get paid in green chips ($25), those usually go to the bottom of my chip stack (if I’m playing Blackjack) or into my pocket if I’m playing craps. If I get paid in black ($100.00) that absolutely goes into my pocket! Note of caution: The dealers can get CRANKY if you’re taking chips off the table. Do this cautiously and when they’re not looking.

3. If I’m in Vegas, which means I’ll be there for 3-5 days, I will allocate a certain dollar amount each day that I’m willing to lose. Now from there, you’ve got two options. Either, you can do options 1 & 2 as described above and “lock it away” and pretend you lost it (ensuring you’re bring something home) or you can add it to the next day’s bankroll. So, let’s’ say you still have $75 of today’s bankroll…do you lock it away and pretend you lost it so you have something to take home with you? Or do you add it to tomorrow’s bankroll and start the day off with $575 (or whatever dollar amount you allocate each day. I do $500/day…I’m a lawyer, not a doctor!). Regardless, the key is to STOP once you’ve lost your day’s allocation of gambling money! I’ve heard too many war stories of people who have dumped their entire bankroll in 1-2 days and had to watch everyone else the remaining two days! That would suck!

So, what say you? What tip and tricks do you have to share? How do you deal with wins, extra bankroll, etc when you travel to a casino? I’d love to hear!

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