Ten Fun Facts about Alcohol

We at the Vice Lounge enjoy an occasional adult beverage — always responsibly, of course. We delight in sharing tips and reviews, but sometimes we stumble across tidbits of information too fun to keep quiet but too short to podcast about. So here are a few fun facts about alcoholic beverages to help your palate the next time you take a sip.

  1. All of the color and much of the flavor of whiskey comes from the barrel.
  2. In Fairbanks, Alaska, it’s illegal to feed alcohol to moose.
  3. Bourbon is the official adult beverage of the United States … maybe. (VLO tip: Drinking it is therefore an exercise in sweet, delicious patriotism.) Despite the French-sounding name, this spirit is named after Bourbon County, KY, and not the former French royal house.
  4. The pressure inside of a champagne bottle is 90 pounds per square inch — or more than three times the average pressure of a car tire. Not surprising, given that the average bottle contains an estimated 49 million bubbles.
  5. Think the tequila worm is gross? Cambodia offers “tarantula brandy” — rice liqueur with freshly dead tarantulas. And don’t forget Korea’s “baby mouse liquor,” which consists of a distilled rice spirit fermented for a year with the carcasses of baby mice. Yummy.
  6. In Michigan, it’s illegal for a restaurant to give you an opened bottle to take home.
  7. Chill distilled spirits quickly and without dilution by putting the alcohol in a shaker with an equal volume of ice. Shake for 15 seconds, then pour.
  8. Texas criminalized the act of taking more than three consecutive sips of beer while standing.
  9. The human body continuously produces its own tiny supply of alcohol. But it’s better at absorbing the alcohol you consume if you drink it with a carbonated beverage, or if the percentage of alcohol by volume is between 15 and 30 percent. The body absorbs 30- to 60-proof liquor more quickly than any other ratio.
  10. Alcohol is calorie-rich; a single glass of wine consumed each day yields an additional 10 pounds of body mass after one year.

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