Podcast 64: Diamond in a Day; Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill Review; Tomatin 12-year Single Malt; Spirits for Noobs

Podcast 64, 4/29/12. After listening to Tony ad-lib it about how to “Diamond in a Day” with Caesar’s Entertainment, Jason reviews the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill cigar — Cigar Aficianado’s #1 pick for 2011 — and addresses criticism of whether CA tips the scales for advertisers. Then Jason and Tony share their impressions about the Tomatin 12-year single-malt Scotch they’re sipping before providing their top brand choices for each class of spirit, for drinkers new to that spirit. A 40-minute extravaganza of fun and wisdom … or something like that.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 64: Diamond in a Day; Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill Review; Tomatin 12-year Single Malt; Spirits for Noobs

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    AB cigars have always tended to strike me as on the strong side (and I’m a medium to full body smoker). They seem to really come into their own with age. Here is what may have happened: Since the line was new to your cigar shop, they only had the factory age on them. And because of all the publicity that the stick received, AB may have been in a rush to get them out the door. Combine (perhaps) less aging by AB and no aging in the store and you had a cigar that possibly wasn’t mature yet.

    CA could have easily had one with more age, and it had mellowed and the flavors opened up. I’d stick a couple in your humidor for 6 months and see the changes.

    Per how CA rates cigars, they talked about it a few years back:

    They send someone to local New York cigar stores and buy their samples right off the shelf. They are then unbanded and given a number and smoked blind. I imagine that to be true, although the rumors always about anytime you have a commercial operation rating something.

    Having said that, the number of cigars they have to go through in a given month is astronomical. The odds are 1. They are only smoking each stick maybe 1/4 of the way (which doesn’t give an accurate sample of the entire experience) and 2. Smoking that many cigars has to affect your palate. Smoke the same cigar after a week of not smoking any and then smoke it as your third cigar of the day and you obviously will have a different experience.

    Good discussion!

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