Don’t Hate The Player, Hate the (Player’s Club) Game

If there’s ones drum we here at Vice Lounge Online beat over and over, it’s the mantra “Always play on your player’s card”. What we mean by that is always make sure that you give the table game dealer your player’s card or that you’ve inserted your player’s club card into the card reader affixed to the slot/video poker machine.

But what if you’re a newbie to a casino and you don’t have a player’s club, what do you do? You probably make your way to the casino’s website and there they prominently display some sort of “Sign up NOW for a player’s card”! So you happily insert your relevant information into the text boxes and they auto generate a player’s club number for you so that all you have to do is pick up your card at the player’s club when you arrive! Great idea, right? WRONG! (And I’ll tell you why in a moment)

So it’s your first time in Vegas, Atlantic City, Biloxi, (pick any other city in the country where you’ve got four or five casinos all within a 3 mile radius) and you think to yourself, “Ooh, ooh…I can’t wait to get signed up for a player’s club card so I can get rated at all the casinos!!!!”. Great idea, right? WRONG!

So what’s going on, why am I singing a different tune to this drum? Easy: Free Sh*t when you sign up!! Casinos are hurting for bodies. They need blue hairs and hipsters alike to come into their gaming den of inequity to lose their hard earned money. The economy has hit all casinos hard, but Vegas and Atlantic City are both reeling from the amount of Indian casinos and state legalized casinos which are popping up all across this fruited slot plain.

As such, casinos are starting to offer “New Sign Up Offers” and they’re getting good! Recently out in Vegas, the Cosmopolitan (whose casino gets treated like a red headed step-child) was offering a $100 rebate on loses (up to $100) for new members of their player’s club. Then Tropicana one-upped Cosmo by offering a rebate up to $500 (rebated in a funky stair-step format). Now Riviera is offering $1000 (rebate is a REALLY funky way) back for your loses. But again, the caveat: you have to be a new sign up to their player’s club.

This is the reason why you don’t want to go all gung-ho on signing up for player’s cards because you only get one bite at the apple, if the offer at the time of sign-up is a worthless t-shirt, that’s your big prize. If you wait and hold off on a card for a casino which you don’t gamble in much (or at all) then when a deal comes around like the one offered at Riviera, hurray!

The same is true with online membership. Most of the time the casino knows you’ll sign-up online in eager anticipation for your trip to their casino and you won’t know/care about the in-house promotion. Think the casino is going to let you sign-up online and then offer you the promo to sign up when you come in to collect your player’s card? Not hardly.

So make sure you sign-up sparingly for casino’s club cards, only for the casino(s) you intend on doing some serious gambling at and save the rest of the casinos for the next time you’re in town. Play your cards right (see what I did there) and the next few trip to your city of choice will be paved with comped rooms, food and free play!

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