Partagas 1845 Cigar

Vendor’s Claim:

“Partagas 1845 is full-flavored with a medium-bodied taste profile. Bearing hints of coffee and cocoa, this unique smoking experience sits firmly between the mild and aromatic flavor of classic Partagas and the strong, sweet taste of Partagas Black Label.

All of the tobaccos used in Partagas 1845 undergo lengthy aging and fermentation. As such, this rich and complex smoke is destined to appeal to the most discriminating of premium cigar smokers”


Wrapper:  Ecuadoran

Binder:      Connecticut

Filler:         Dominican, Nicaraguan & Seco

Size:            7.25″  x  54 (Jason’s Cigar)

6″  x  60  &  5.5″  49  (Tony’s Two Cigars)

The Experience:

Initial Impression— These are girthy cigars. The 60 ring gauge cigar is not one I’m usually apt to grab, but I’d had the 5.5″/49 cigar a week early and loved it, I wanted a cigar which would take a bit longer to smoke. Depending on your allocated smoking time frame, the 60 gauged cigar will take you about 2 hours to enjoy. The 49 ring gauge, closer to 45 – 60 minutes to enjoy.

Appearance— These are rough looking binders that are chocolate brown, to be sure. I’m not disparaging the rough looking-ness of the binder, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not trying to make you believe this is a nice, smooth creamy binder either. I do have to say that the cap construction was flawless, a feat for a cigar that’s as large as a 60 ring gauge smoke.

Lighting/Burning/Ash— Very easy to light cigar, it took the flame and maintained the burn throughout the entire smoke. The 5.5″  x 49 had zero issues, the 6″  x  60 did go out once on me, but that was because I set it down, went inside the house for 5 minutes and came back outside to find it died. A few puffs with the butane against it and it came right back to life. The ask held superbly well to the stick, falling off only when I ashed it.

Consistency/Draw— I cut the 5.5″  x 49 cigar but used a punch on the 60 gauge stick. To ensure I would have plenty of draw on such a large cigar, I actually “double punched” it to give me a slightly larger hole from which to draw the flavor full smoke. I never had an issue with the draw on either, but in particular, I had no issue with the double punched 60 ring cigar. I was slightly concerned that with a smoke that big, the punched hole would get blocked up with my saliva during the course of smoking. A concern which ended up being unfounded.

Maintenance/Flavor— Maintenance was non-existent. These were two very low maintenance cigars and I appreciated that. As for flavor, they were delicious. They pack a great flavor, yet have the softness of a medium cigar. I was concerned with the darker wrapper and Nicaraguan filler that I may get queezy from it, again, a fear which was unfounded.

Reflection & Rating

Loved it! Loved the first one so much that I got another one! I smoked these two cigars easily within a week of one another. I had no issues with either cigar, the second one tasted as great as the first one and I could see this cigar being worked into my usual smoke repertoire.

This cigar seems to be all the rage right now and I can understand why. It’s getting a lot of attention, be it from blogs/podcasts/magazine/reviews. It deserves it. I think that both moderate smokers, as well as, seasoned smokers alike will see real value in this cigar.

Jason was the first to try it, here were his thoughts: Excellent cigar, easy light, took a nice V-cut, consistent ash & burn, nice resting aroma, hit like a medium flavored cigar but tasted nice like a full flavored, good price point, could detect hints of coca & coffee, good color, no veins and will be a part of his normal line-up.

If you want to hear Jason’s own word on this cigar, check out our podcast where Jason shares his thoughts on it, here:

For the foregoing reasons, I would rate this smoke as an  A

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