Vegas Lent Is Upon Us!

Hallelujah, it has risen! Vegas Lent is upon us…well, at least it is for us here at Vice Lounge Online. As a matter of fact, we’re well into our Lenten countdown. As of this posting, we’re 33 days from our trip to Vegas. If you’re a listener of Five Hundy By Midnight, you know that listeners call in when they’re 40 days out from a trip to Vegas. The problem is, there’s no real definition of Vegas Lent.

I consider it to mean a few things, in no particular order:

  1. Hit The Gym— <Sigh> While I’m not one to go to clubs or pools, I don’t want to be a massive mouth-breathing heifer making my way through the buffet line. I know that I don’t want to sweat through my shirt when I walk across the street from Bellagio (where my wife and I will be staying) to Bally’s (where the VLO boys will be hitting royals on video poker). Alas, I know that means I need to start working out more and taking in fewer calories.
  2. Drinking Less— and a good way to take in fewer calories is drink less alcohol. First, it’ll make my tolerance to booze that much lower so I can get tanked a little easier. Plus, throw in a 20-30 pound skinnier Tony and that makes to some easy boozin’! Gillikin hates when I get on the bandwagon but alcohol is nothing but empty calories, which I don’t need.
  3. Smoking More— One thing Gillikin doesn’t mind is when I increase my tobacco consumption. I don’t want to get queezy from the cigars I’ll be smoking while I’m out in Vegas so I need to beef up my tolerance to nicotine. The best way to do that? A minimum of one cigar a week, if not two. Jason would say I should be smoking that frequently, in general, but I rarely make have the time to enjoy a cigar. Vegas Lent requires that!
  4. Getting My Danny Tanner Clip Board O’ Fun Together— My wife hates that I insist on a tentative “To Do” list. I think it’s a great way to ensure some of the things that I want to do in Vegas, actually get done. You know what I’m talking about, right? We always say we want to do X or Y or Z (for me: Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, Dolphin Exhibit at Mirage, drinks at the top of the Stratosphere), but inevitably, we never get to those things because eating, drinking and gambling get in the way (he says, tongue-in-cheek). This trip I really do want to get to the top of the Strat or aquarium at MB, but I’d also like to get a drink at the ice bar at MB, buy an overpriced drink at Vesper (in Cosmopolitan) and maybe go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. These are things I want to do at least once, and I’d regret if any of them ever closed before getting a chance to experience them. The other aspect of the Clip Board O’ Fun is knowing when all the other members of our entourage will be getting into town. Finding out which days, what their flight information is, things like that. We may or may not surprise them with a personal pick-up at the airport. (Read: Depends on if my wife and I are tanked out of our minds)
  5. Pack— Ok, ok, I’m not going to pack 40 days before I leave, but I do need to start putting things together that I don’t want to forget. Things like ordering up another six month supply of contacts, packing my LVA-MR book, getting my airplane reading material together. Figuring out which cigars I want to bring with me (if any).
  6. Clear Calendar & Get Paid— Part of the problem with being a solo practice attorney is if I’m on vacation, the work stops, which means I’m not earning money. That’s less an issue because I can plan ahead for that, like getting bills paid a month in advance. But the real concern is getting paid on outstanding work. Clients think that they’re just one of hundreds of clients, so if they don’t pay me right away, no big deal. Well, that’s true and it’s not. Sure if that one person doesn’t pay me, I’m okay. But when they all take that attitude, things get tricky. But with 40 days to start beating the bushes, this ensure I’ll get my receivables in time for my trip.  Likewise, I need to set-up appointments with clients for the week I get home. Again, it ensure no down time (or little down time) since I’m gone from the firm for a week. (Ah, the joys of self-employment).
  7. Make Reservations— Because my wife is a foodie, the trade off to all these trips to Vegas is that she gets to eat well (really well) while we’re out there. I see dinner at Sinatra, Prime…others, in our future. This means reservations need to be made, especially if there are going to be 5-7 of us. Sure they may not need to be make 40 days in advance, but certainly two weeks in advance is good idea. Others we may just ‘wing it’ and see if we can get in the day of or a few days before we intend on eating there. It’s a lot easier for these restaurants to accommodate 2-3 people on a moments notice than it is to seat 7 of us. The one plus side, dinner at 5 pm is not usually too busy for Vegas but that’s 8 pm Michigan time and we’ll be ready to eat by then.

Huh, ok, what am I missing? What do you recommend getting accomplished during that holy time that is Vegas Lent?

3 thoughts on “Vegas Lent Is Upon Us!

  1. AccessVegas Reply

     Drinks at the top of The Strat are a must. Especially if you time it right: Get up there about 45 minutes before sunset and watch the sun go down and The Strip light up. Amazing.

    Eiffel Tower is really cool, especially at night when you can catch the Bellagio Fountains. The trick to watching them up there is the same as on the ground: They play every 15 minutes, which means there is only 10 minutes between shows. Wait until one show ends and people move out of the way, opening up prime viewing spots. Then, move into place for a front row view.

    • Tony Snyder Reply

      Ted, thanks for the advice on the Strat. I don’t know that I would have thought ahead and
      planned for a sunset time. I’ll make sure to bring my phone to snap some pics! I’m sure it’s breath-taking to see!

      As always, your guidance is perfect and greatly appreciated!

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