Podcast 71: Vegas Trip Recap, Part I

Podcast 71, 6/17/12 … Jason and Tony share their experiences during their early June trip to Las Vegas. In this episode, we focus on our time on The Strip. Part II, coming next week, highlights our stay on Freemont Street.

Note: This podcast is considerably longer than our usual offering, clocking in at roughly an hour and a quarter. Recorded 6/9/12 from Golden Nugget.

Click >> HERE << to download the MP3. [1:13:00, 51.6 MB, 96 kbps MP3]

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 71: Vegas Trip Recap, Part I

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Just finished enjoying the show sitting on my back patio with a Padilla Series ’68 Aniversario Limitada accompanied by Wild Turkey 101 (on the rocks… a drink to hold up to the cigar). Really enjoyed your vacation virtually (even though I can see some of the Strip hotels from my back yard).

    Yes, drinking in limos is allowed. Taxi’s generally also (but driver discretion… if you are already pretty drunk, he’ll say no). In fact, many ask their driver to stop by a liquor store on the way to the hotel from the airport to stock up on a couple of bottles and some mixer so they can have their own little bar set-up in their hotel room. You can knock a couple back and enjoy the view in your room (if you have one) without spending $14 a drink downstairs.

    We’re researching this right now, but you can rent a car near-strip (instead of the airport location) and save a ton on taxes. Many of the high rental car taxes are specific to the airport location to “bilk” the tourists. Glad you brought it up and warned people and made me to remember to get a move on our research.

    Dips in the road: Little factoid here… it rains so little that we don’t have a zillion storm drains. One street drains water to the next until it ends up in one of the many washes (dry creeks) that flow through the valley. At certain points, the water needs to cross over a road to continue. Hence, the dips. They are essentially miniature dry creek beds!

    Super cool to hear how much you enjoyed Red Rock Canyon area. Once people get out there, they are pretty happy they did. As I noted, you can drive the basic loop in 25 minutes. But obviously, you took the extra time to really enjoy it. Yes… it is amazing in the spring and fall. BTW, they get light snow in the winter up there when we get rain down here. I’ve been there when it has happened.

    If you do a couple of nights at Red Rock Resort, you are literally within 2 miles of both the Rampart (Marriott) and Suncoast Casinos. And the “locally famous” (and cigar friendly) Chicago Brewing Company. So if you choose to follow through, don’t feel like you’ll be trapped in one spot if you have a car. AND… many of the executives who work on The Strip actually live out in that area. Push comes to shove (if you really get bored), you can be on The Strip or downtown from there in 20 minutes or so.

    Can’t wait to hear the downtown report!

  2. j9gillik Reply

    I’ll pass along the limo comments to Tony … he will be thrilled, I’m sure. Haha.

    To be honest, the whole Red Rock Canyon visit was prompted by your earlier comments. They were much appreciated — we had a great time there and when I head back into town (when it’s not in the triple digits) I am thinking I might stay at Red Rock simply to spend a full day at the Canyon to do some hiking. The info about Rampart and Suncoast is helpful — thanks.

    Dry creek beds. Go figure.

    We visited the Chicago Brewing Company site at Four Queens and enjoyed some of the Crystal Café line from Macanudo — acquired from a street vendor, but quite lovely nonetheless. Your Padilla stick sounds tasty. I had picked up an “authentic Cuban” (a Hoya de Monterrey) from a little shop just off of East Fremont but who knows whether it was really Cuban. All I know was that it was, frankly, tasty no matter what its origin.

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