Programming Note: VEGAS, BABY!

A gentle reminder to our beloved podcast listeners (you ARE listening religiously, right?) — Your Vicars of Vice will be in The Happiest Place on Earth this week. As you read this, Tony and his better half are comfortably ensconced in a suite at the Bellagio, and Jason will trek out on early Monday morning. We are looking forward to a fivesome, with Jason and Tony, Tony’s wife and her brother, and our beloved PPQ.

The plan is:

  • Tony’s at Bellagio for the first part of the week, then Thursday will move downtown to (I think) Golden Nugget.
  • Jason will spend his first two nights at Bally’s (thanks to the assist from Carl Pankowski) and the second two nights at Caesar’s Palace. Then the last two nights downtown in a Cabana Suite at El Cortez.

We will post occasional updates and photos throughout the week. Today’s podcast was recorded last week. We will have a normal podcast (#70) on June 10 — including a special guest interview — that we’ll record in Las Vegas. We’ll record the June 17 podcast on the 9th, also from Las Vegas; we’re planning a substantial trip recap for #71 so hold on to your buttocks.

For our friends in Clark County: Drop us a note if you’d like to meet up or even guest appear on the podcast. We’re lugging the equipment, after all, so we may as well make use of it. Shout out on Twitter to @ViceLoungeOL or transmit your message by electronic mail.

We hope you all have a safe and happy week. Tip a 40 for us so that the gambling gods don’t bend us over without lube.

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