A Different Sort of Cigar Review

When I originally sat down to write up a review of a cigar I’ve smoked twice, I realized I couldn’t remember which cigar it was that I’d smoked. It’s either a Cusano or…wow…something else…but even within the brand name (which I can’t remember), I’m not sure what the stick’s name/description was.

I’ve smoked A LOT of cigars within the last 60 days. I first started an uptick in smoking cigars in anticipation of Vegas and all the cigars I would be enjoying in the Happiest Place On Earth. Because I didn’t want to be make ill from the nicotine, I vowed to increase my smoking habits. Now that I’m home from Vegas (and the last 2 weeks, notwithstanding), the weather has been beautiful and it’s allowed me the opportunity to smoke outside.

So here I am, yesterday, sitting with my empty cigar condoms cellophanes trying to mentally figure out which cigar was which, how it tasted, cost, experience, etc etc. After ample research on the internet, I gave up trying to figure out what cigar I was less than thrilled with smoking, and gave up and threw away 4-5 different cigar experiences.

But in that, I’ve found something that I should have been doing all along: Logging my smoke AS it was being smoked. Henceforth, I will vow to keep a cigar diary next to my torch, cutter and ashtray. I believe that a small notepad, used for the purposes of logging your impressions of a cigar is just as important as owning the lighter, the way to pierce the head of the stick and somewhere to tastefully place its ash.

So what do I keep in my notepad? First of all, I peel off the band of the cigar and the sticker on the cellophane which contains pertinent information like brand, style, size and price. Then I also make simplistic notes about how the cigar looked, the aroma of the body of the cigar, how well it cut, how well it lit, how well it stayed lit, how it tasted (and make sure you note the changed in flavor throughout), how the smoke from the cigar smelled, how much smoke it produced both resting and when puffing on it, and any other aspects you find worth noting. You can use the official VLO evaluation form here.

If for no other reason, my main argument for using this form and keeping these records is because, no matter how much you think you’ll remember the cigar, we forget within 24-48 hours of smoking the cigar, its subtitles. So when you manage and operate a blog site, a third of which is dedicated to reviewing cigars, you might just find it helpful to have a record of your impressions, comments, thoughts and concerns.

BTW…Camacho was the cigar brand I couldn’t remember from earlier. Now, whether it was a Cusano or Camacho is still to be determined.

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