Cigar Kits: Keeping Ready for Anything

You may think you’re a sophisticated smoker: You can detect hints of heather in your stick, you understand the general flavor characteristics of cigars based on the tobacco’s country of origin, you light up like a pro and smoke it to the nub. Good for you.

Now take your tobacco pleasure to the next level by investing in a traveling cigar kit — a box not for transporting cigars, but for transporting your cigar accessories.

Pack the following:

  • Cutter or punch
  • Torch
  • Wooden matches
  • Cedar strips
  • Cigar drill or large paper clip (for breaking plugs)
  • Compact sommelier knife (for opening bottles of beer or wine)
  • Small notepad and pencil (a form of cigar journal) … and if you have room, a baby stapler or small paper clips to keep your bands for future reference.
  • Business cards

For an extra bit of Savoir faire, pack your accessories in a sturdy used cigar box. Put your name on it and keep it in your car or your smoke-shop locker for easy access. You could even put a few personal touches in the box, like including a photo or a knickknack that serves as a conversation starter.

Cigars sometimes give you trouble, but with your own well-stocked cigar kit, nothing will deter  you from enjoying every last puff.

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