I Like It Dirty!

So I’ve stumbled upon something I’ve known about forever, but never knew. All a dirty martini is the addition of olive juice (brine) to a martini. Ok, ok, I know, “Welcome to Basic Alcohol 101, Tony!”. But it’s more than that! I knew that what made it dirty was adding olive juice to the martini, but WOWZAS, I’d never tried it before.

In fairness, I am not a martini purist, I hate gin. I won’t drink martini’s with gin in it, sorry. I do, however, loves me some Grey Goose vodka. The problem with GG (as Lucy Ricardo my wife will tell you), is that you can’t taste the vodka when it’s made with GG. As you well know, Jason and I (along with a slew of ragtag mischiefs) went out to Vegas to celebrate “All Things Tony” for his 35th birthday.

Before leaving for Vegas, my wife and I got a hotel room at the Westin which is built into the Detroit Metro airport. We did it because we had an early flight out and didn’t want to get getting up and getting around at 3 am to be to Detroit for our flight at (insert whatever-the-hell time we thought our flight was here). Because we’d gotten there the night before, and because TSA allows you access into the terminal so long as you’re staying at the airport’s hotel, we decided to get ourselves some dinner, drinks and whatever else we desired.

Imagine our giddiness when we perused the terminal directory and spied the “Grey Goose Martini Bar”! We moseyed on over to the bar, plopped ourselves down for a few rounds and had a great time. I don’t entirely recall how the next part played out (we’d finished up our second round of cocktails on an empty stomach by that point), but somehow/someway the idea of ordering a dirty martini crossed the minds of my wife and myself. The female bartender was kind enough to explain it as nothing more than taking a regular, run of the mill martini, and adding olive juice to it. Now, to be clear, I’m saying olive juice, one could argue it’s technically olive brine. It’s the liquid from the jar of olives you buy at the grocery store, which you’re pouring into the martini.

My wife and I were game, and we figured at worst, we were out the $12(-ish) for a drink we thought we hated. Holy cow were we wrong. Now, to be fair, you have to like vodka and you have to like olives. This is truly an olive flavored vodka. But it’s so simple, it’s so traditional, and it’s nice not having to work fuchsia colored martinis anymore (of course, I still do!).

So now that we’re home from Vegas we were scouring the inter-webs for the perfect martini receipe and I think we’ve found it. Here is how the Snyder household makes what we consider the “perfect” dirty martini:

3 oz Grey Goose vodka

1.5 oz Dry Vermouth

1.5 oz Olive juice (straight from the jar)

Shake it up with ice in a stainless steel shaker, pour into a martini glass and enjoy!

Have any suggestions to our “perfect” martini? We’re open to new suggestions!

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