On the Road: Cesar Cigars & Coffee Bar, San Diego CA

This week your favorite co-host Jason is attending the 2012 Joint Statistical Meetings in San Diego, CA. Lovely town. The conference is at the San Diego Convention Center, adjacent to the ocean and to the Gaslight District.

Among Gaslight’s sundry charms include its several cigar shops. One such shop caught my eye: Cesar Cigars and Coffee Bar on 5th Street.

It is what it is: A decently stocked if smallish humidor, a full line of accessories, a smoking section in the shop and along the sidewalk … and coffee.

I must admit to never having seen such a thing. I’m familiar with cigar bars. I’m familiar with coffee shops. But a cigar-and-coffee shop? Mon Dieu! The place looked like a typical urban coffee shop: Small, worn, comfortable. It just had a humidor in one corner, a wall of accessories and a smoking section. (In California, no less.)

So I purchased a tasty Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 and ordered a huge mug of dark-chocolate mocha, made to perfection by a young barista who looked barely legal to buy his own cigars.

I spent about 90 minutes there, enjoying the cigar and coffee and reading the news on my tablet, while taking a break from conference sessions.

And it occurred to me that there’s a fun lesson here: When you’re in a different town, scope out the local smoke shops. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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