Podcast 73: Betting For and Against for Comps; Buying Cubans … Maybe; Glengoyne Review

Podcast 73, 7/1/12 … Is there any benefit to betting both for and against the same outcome in order to minimize losses and maximize comps? Then Jason and Tony talk about Jason’s (maybe) Cuban purchase in Las Vegas and review the oh-so-tasty Glengoyne single-malt Scotch.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 73: Betting For and Against for Comps; Buying Cubans … Maybe; Glengoyne Review

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Just finished this episode. Sorry for spilling the beans and the “was it or wasn’t it” story. I didn’t realize how monumental it was until I heard this episode!

    If you are looking for a “legal” cigar that has lots of Cuban qualities, check out the Don Pepin Garcia JJ or the 5 Vegas Miami (no relation to the Happiest Place On Earth). But keep in mind that both are medium to full in both body and flavor.

  2. Tony Reply

    I will let Jason try those two, I’m (Tony) not too proud to admit I’m a wuss! Plus there’s nothing attractive about projectile vomiting cigar and dinner!

  3. j9gillik Reply

    Mmm, those sound interesting.

    Funny thing about Michigan cigar retailers. I am a huge fan of a new shop, called Grand River Cigar, in downtown Grand Rapids. G.R. currently has three main tobacconists for premium sticks; the largest humidor, though, is probably less than 200 square feet, and the proprietors of all three specifically sell commonly available, medium-low priced sticks (e.g., the Macanudo Cafe line). Despite G.R. being a top-50 market, you have to head to Lanisng — the podunk backwater of a state capital (sorry Tony!) — to find a decently sized humidor at The Corona in Okemos. In fact, The Corona is the only smoke shop I’m aware of that sells Davidoff cigars ouside of the metro Detroit region. When I asked the former owner of Tuttle’s Select Cigars about it, he said that sticks above, say, $10, just don’t move as quickly to justify the capital outlay.

    Tony and I are planning a trip to Windsor in August. One of the co-owners of Grand River Cigar suggested we stop by Sterling Heights to visit Jenuwine Cigar Factory Outlet, which has more than 2,000 different labels in the humidor.

    Some of the rarer or more expensive sticks really do require a trip to a much larger tobacconist, and in Michigan, that usually means a trip to the Detroit area.

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