Alec Bradley — Love American Style

So I tried an Alec Bradley American blend cigar this past week while Jason and I were out meeting up with the guys from the Cigar & Scotch podcast. I decided to pick up this stick for two reasons, 1) I’d never had it, but with its light colored connecticut wrapper, it seemed like a smoke I would enjoy and 2) Alec Bradley had been picked by Cigar Aficionado as the best cigar of the year (albeit, it was the “My Two Sons” or something like that, not from the American blend line).

The cigar is filled with tobacco from a place I’ve not heard of before: Esteli, Condega. (Hey, this is a cigar, gambling, alcohol blog…not a Rand McNally blog). Around that filler, it’s bound with a nicaraguan leaf and wrapped in a beautiful Honduran Connecticut leaf.

I found cigar to be nicely constructed, easy to light but I did have to re-light it one time and scraped the cigar once it went out a second time. Now, I was in a rather chatty mood that evening so I’m willing to concede I may not have tended it to as diligently as I should have. However, to my recollection, I wasn’t filibustering so long that it should have gone out.

It had a nice draw, an even burn and there were no issues with the wrapper staying intact. From there, that’s about all I can say about this smoke. I found it to be very bland with little flavor to it. It wasn’t a bad taste, don’t get me wrong, it was just an indescript taste. I didn’t really enjoy the cigar but I’m glad I had it. I think that a newbie would enjoy it, and I would be open to trying it again if it were comped!

For that reason I would rate this cigar as a C+

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