Cigar Review: Undercrown Corona Doble

During my recent jaunt to San Diego, I stopped by Captain Hunt Tobacconist, a tiny but astonishingly well-stocked cigar shop in the Seaport Village shopping district downtown on the Bay. After poking around for a bit, I settled on something new: an Undercrown Corona Doble, a 7×54 maduro.

I enjoyed the cigar on the outdoor patio at the smoke shop. Despite being located in the middle of a tourist-heavy pedestrian district, there were more than a dozen regulars seated outside the shop — feeding the pigeons, talking about the Navy, chatting up employees of nearby establishments. Good cigar culture, there.

The Undercrown didn’t disappoint. A medium-to-full blend of various tobaccos, it presented well with a chocolate-brown wrapper, earthy initial aroma and elegant band. The cigar lit cleanly and burned evenly throughout, with no construction problems and remarkably little variation through the thirds.

Because I had grabbed a fruity slushee before stumbling across Captain Hunt, I had no choice but to enjoy this cigar with frozen fruit punch — a combination that affected my sense of the cigar’s flavor. That said, the cigar was neither bland nor overwhelming, but it was subtle enough that it proved difficult to pull out any clearly identifiable tastes.

With a reasonable price point, solid construction and a robust, subtle flavor, the Undercrown performed well. Final verdict reserved, however, for after I can enjoy it with a less contradictory beverage.

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  1. AccessVegas Reply

    I had the good fortune of having Jonathan Drew himself  give me my first Undercrown at a Binion’s cigar event. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Just an amazing cigar. Matched great with the Canadian whisky on the rocks I was drinking (I think it was Crown that night). That vitola you enjoyed really lets the flavors of the filler tobaccos flow.

    I strongly suggest picking up a couple more and trying them with a Scotch or Canadian whisky. You’ll pull a lot more distinct flavor out of the cigar. Sugar/sweet drinks otherwise overwhelm the sweet notes of a maduro.

    Nice thing about San Diego is that they have weather which allows for outdoor smoking all year round. Bummer is that they have some of the highest cigar taxes in the nation. Which is backfiring on them because CA has become one of the biggest markets for tax-free mail order cigars. Which turns around and hurts the brick-and-mortar shops.

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