Davidoff Delights

As part of the slew of cigar reviews I found, I’m writing up the next one in the stack.

I smoked the Davidoff 2000 in March, 2011, which I acquired from the Churchill’s smoke shop in West Bloomfield, Michigan. This used to be my playground the place I went to get my Davidoffs. Now that my favorite tobacconist offers them, I no longer need to drive an hour and half one way to procure these delights!

The Davidoff 2000 is in my Top 5 cigars, primarily because I associate them with Vegas and my first real experience smoking a cigar that I enjoyed and understood. I will not regale you with this tall as I’ve told it over and over (ie. through podcasts and blog posts). This cigar did not disappoint, it never does.

It is a 5″ x 43 ring gauged cigar, so we’re not talking about a two smoke, to be sure. It is light brown in color, dry exterior wrapper, smooth wrapper (wasn’t veiny), with a nicely constructed cap and perfect construction (neither too soft [over humidified] nor too hard [under humidified]).

The initial lighting took, and the first 25% of the smoke was a complete delight. Unfortunately, I don’t know what ever happened to the remaining 75% as I have no notes on it. I can guess something can terribly good, as I have a note in my comments box of, “Went out, too tightly wrapped”.

However, I noted that the draw was good at the beginning, 50% and 75% marker and that I “[Only had] a nub left, so no problem”. I found the cigar to be a light to medium blend (no surprise, probably more light than medium), with a smooth taste and a vegetal note.

I’m not surprised by this review, this is not a cigar I would ever doubt the taste/quality. These dandies are hard to find, so if you smoke shop does offer them, please support their attempt at catering to the higher end of the spectrum and treat yourself to this cigar once a month!

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