Davidoff Reserva 12

Alas, the last of the “lost” cigar reviews…

The Davidoff Reserva 12 was another cigar I had picked up with I got the Davidoff 2000 at the Churchill’s Cigar Bar in West Bloomfield, Michigan in March 2011. This is one of the few times I ever gave a Davidoff a grade less than an “A”.

This stick is light brown in color, it had a smooth yet dry wrapper, the construction of both the cigar and the cap were also quality. I found that the burn was even at the initial, 50% and 75% marker point. The ash was solid and white, its burn rate was perfect and there was no issue with re-lighting this smoke. Speaking of smoke, the stick produced a nice, light and even resting smoke so my immediate area was never a blue haze.

I thought the draw was superb from beginning to end and the wrapped stayed intact. It was a light smoke, and therein lies the problem. I have in my notes that this smoke was bland to vegetal (somewhat one in the same, if you ask me), there was never any change in body or flavor, and that “This cigar was a bit bland. Very mild and good for new smoker. Construction/Appearance/Burning properties were excellent but just not any real taste”.

So tell me smokers, what are your opinions of this cigar? Did I call it or should I give it a second chance, now that it’s been a year and a half later? I’m willing to concede I might be in a different place with cigars and their flavors!

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