Macanudo Robust — Hampton Court

Here’s the third installment of the “Lost Archives” from last year.

The Macanudo Robust, Hampton Court cigar was a solid “A” rating 95 out of 100. This cigar was medium to dark brown in nature, oily but smooth wrapper, good cap construction but was hard to the touch. I should back up and explain that when I bought this cigar, it came in a tin tube. Now, I don’t know whether or not this played as a factor causing it to feel under humidified, or if perhaps it was too tightly wrapped. For what it’s worth, I had no issue to draw at any point during the smoke, so I’m guessing it wasn’t wrapped too tightly. I guess the fact of the matter is that it didn’t affect the flavor or the smoking experience.

I found this smoke to be even all the way through, with a perfect burn rate and never requiring a re-light. Its ash was solid and gray with a very light resting smoke. As previously mentioned, the draw was good from beginning to end and the wrapper stayed intact at all times.

As for flavor, it was medium (hence being called a “Robust”) with a smooth taste. One thing I did note, interestingly, was that while it started off vegetal in nature…by the end, it became peppery and then harsh (acidic). I have here in my comment box, “Good smoke. A bit more flavor than the regular Mac, still probably an okay smoke for a newbie”.

So readers, a call to action: What do you think of this smoke? Good for a newbie? Would you recommend waiting until you get your sea legs?

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  1. AccessVegas Reply

    The Macanudo Robust series has been one I’ve always enjoyed, even as my palate now is more accustomed to the medium-to-full side of the plate. Always a good burn, good taste. The brand has always been very consistent.

    I’d probably choose a more mild stick for a first-timer. You can’t go wrong with an Ashton Classic. Mild with a touch of spice.

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