Magnificent Macanudo

So I stubbled upon a few cigar evaluations from March, 2011! I wasn’t even married at the time that I had smoked these cigars. What a blast from the past these reviews were! I must say that I would like to go back and re-try some of these cigars, just to see how my palate has changed over the last year and half!

The Macanudo Hyde-Park cigar is a part of the Cafe line and these cigars are great, mild smokes. This one, in particular, was approximately 5.5″ x 49 ring gauge. It has a medium brown wrapper, a dry exterior, great cap construction and smooth appearance.

It took the initial light immediately, burned modestly & evenly from beginning to end and maintained a solid white ash. Not once did it require a re-light and its resting smoke was light and even. I found the construction to be superb, the wrapper stayed intact and the draw maintained itself until I was finished with it.

I found this cigar to be a light to medium smoke, with a slight hint of spice. It was smooth, never bitter or harsh. I found the aroma to be rich and it finished fantastic. That says a lot since I believe cigars get significantly more potent (read: harsh) when it gets down to the nub.

I even noted here in the comments box, “This is a quality smoke and one that can be enjoyed by newbies and seasoned pros, alike. Easy to find, affordable, a quality cigar”.

For that reason, I gave this cigar an A+

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