Podcast 78: Bankroll Security; Guiding New Smokers in the Humidor; Tony’s Vodka Taste Test

Podcast 78, 8/5/12 … Jason and Tony debate the best ways to protect your bankroll, including physical security, before reflecting on the most effective ways to guide new smokers in the humidor without appearing condescending. Then Jason puts Tony to an on-air taste test, seeing if he can distinguish between Grey Goose, Ketel One and Sobieski.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 78: Bankroll Security; Guiding New Smokers in the Humidor; Tony’s Vodka Taste Test

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Great advice on casino security. Especially when one is tipsy, it is easy to get careless. Wallet in the front of pocket is a good idea — been doing it myself for many years.

    If your state permits it, here’s another tip: Don’t only keep a couple of credit cards back in your room (in case one gets stolen). They can often be worthless anymore without ID.

    Keep a second drivers license in your suitcase, in one of those zip up compartments. With that and your remaining credit cards… you are good-to-go. You’ll have to wait at DMV to get the copy (and dig up your birth certificate and whatever0, but just tell them the first one got stolen.

    On to the liquor segment:

    Grey Goose is like Davidoff: You are paying a bit extra for the name. No crime in doing that. I have a closet full of Tommy Bahama shirts even though unbranded you can get the same for 75% less. But, you can get great vodka for much cheaper, and you can get great cigars for much cheaper. Especially in this economy.

    I absolutely call a better brand name of liquor when at a nice bar/lounge than I do at home. I buy and smoke a better brand name of cigar when I’m at the local smoke shop than I light up on my back patio. There are times when status is important, especially in the business world.

    But when you are kicking back at home, enjoy the unheralded decent stuff that won’t drain your wallet.

    • j9gillik Reply

      Good points re: brand/status acknowledgement.

      Here’s a bit of trivia for you … Michigan is one of the few states that meets federal requirements for secure IDs, so an “enhanced” Michigan driver’s license is valid for sea/land border crossings for Canada, Mexico and many Caribbean islands. If you lose an enhanced DL, you can get a new issue — but the RFID chip in the original will be deactivated. Still useful when you just need to flash a photo ID, but no longer good for border crossings.

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