Podcast 79: Best Ways to Earn Tier Points; Cigar Events 101; Flavorful Twists on Traditional Cocktails

Podcast 79, 8/12/12 … Tony shares some insight into the best way to earn tier points at the casino, then Jason and Tony discuss the basics of attending a special event at a cigar shop. Then Jason offers some tips on how to spice up a traditional cocktail with simple, inexpensive liqueurs.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 79: Best Ways to Earn Tier Points; Cigar Events 101; Flavorful Twists on Traditional Cocktails

  1. AccessVegas Reply

    Interesting continued discussion on tier points. If I was taking (let’s say) $5000 and going to go for it, I’d stick to video poker at the $1 level, pay the highest payback game I can find, and keep a cheat sheet (paper or phone program) for any decision I wasn’t 100% sure on. You can run a LOT of money through VP quickly while playing with very minimal risk.

    Funny you mentioned Four Queens and roulette. Binion’s/Four Queens owner Terry Caudill (big cigar guy) recently took a $66k one-roll roulette bet at Binion’s a few weeks ago. The player bet on “even” and the winning number was 8. Numerous Strip properties turned down the action! Having said that, I agree with your general point. They usually don’t see that kind of action.

    Something to think about for Big Smoke:

    I don’t consider the evening gathering worth the money. You are in a crowded convention room and all that spectacular food is gone early.

    You know all the free cigars you are promised and the chance to meet all of the celeb cigar guys? You wait in long lines for a few seconds of face time. On top of that, the people handing out the cigars INSIST on lighting the cigar right then and there. So… you smoke the cigar while you wait in the next line where you need to put it out while they next company fires you up one of theirs.

    The floor is strewn with ashtrays full of barely smoked cigars and the three hours ends before you’ve had a chance to stand in every line.

    Go because it comes with the full program, but don’t fly out just for the evening event.

    DO go to the local Rocky event! Absolutely. Those are much more relaxed and you can get some nice face time with the cigar star. Couple of tips:

    * Some cigar events have the cigar star, others just have a company rep along with discounts or giveaways. The reps are nice guys, and good guys to get to know for awareness of the show and there is usually some food or raffles or other stuff going on. Not a bad way to kill an afternoon!

    * Don’t be scared to go to an event with the actual cigar star, even if you aren’t that familiar with his product. Tell the cigar star what you usually smoke what part of his line he’d suggest you try. Then, buy a few! You’ll find no matter how big these guys are, they have a passion for sharing their work. I wasn’t much of a Drew Estates guy, but Jon Drew himself turned me onto the Undercrown. What a smoke!

    • j9gillik Reply

      All of these are excellent points. I think I’m going to pass on the Big Smoke — I’m actually thinking of a trip that’s (gasp) not casino-related — but your comments do reinforce the point about what happens during that event.

      The Rocky Patel event went very well — standing room only in the smoke shop.

      (And yes — that Undercrown is good stuff! Enjoyed one in San Diego this summer.)

      Totally agree on the point about VP. We just got back from a weekend at Caesar’s Windsor and managed to run through $10k in one five-hour session (moving between quarters, halves and $1) at a net loss of only about $60. We found a decent set of Jacks or Better 8/5 machines and went to town. Proper strategy is the gambler’s best weapon against the house edge!

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